When Love Crosses Continents: How two volunteers met and fell in love in Cusco

Dear friends at Proyecto Peru,

We’d like to share our story with you, to spread a little of our happiness.

Three years ago, back when we didn’t know each other yet, we – Daniel from the USA and me from Belgium – read about the medical package at Proyecto Peru and decided to jump into the adventure.

In the summer of 2015, we arrived in Cusco. The first day of medical Spanish classes, I thought I was all alone with my teacher, Paula. Intense! But the next day, Daniel was there.

It didn’t take long for us to realize we’d gotten lucky.

Rafting, mountain biking, visiting hot springs and zip lining on the way to Machu Picchu, stargazing and hiking at Lake Titicaca, volunteering at the hospital and at an after-school project, visiting Inca ruins, tasting Peruvian cuisine, learning medical Spanish with our awesome teacher Paula… We loved experiencing all of it together. It was an incredible month that was over all too quickly.

When we said goodbye, we didn’t know if we’d see each other again.

But time and time again, we were drawn to each other. We kept in touch all through med school and visited each other as often as we could. We traveled through Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada and the US and fell a little more in love every day together.

Daniel proposed after a long hike (fitting!) in the US, and we got married on August 28. Our honeymoon in Ecuador was a bit of a walk in the past, making us remember our time in Peru. 

We are so happy life brought us together three years ago. Doing so many fun things together was like a month-long date, haha. We hope to return to Cusco one day and say hi to our teacher Paula in person!

Love to all of you at Proyecto Peru, 

Daniel and Fleur