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Start learning Spanish or improve your level with live experienced native Peruvian teachers who are certified according the official Cervantes Institute method for Spanish. Individual classes are flexible from Monday to Saturday. Group classes are available starting on Mondays, 2 hours a day!

Proyecto Peru Teachers

Are officially certified by "Spanish Course Unamuno" according the worldwide leading methodology and grammar of the Cervantes Institute.

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All our teachers:

  • Are native Spanish speaking Peruvians, teaching for many years
  • Use a teaching plan that guarantees a steady progress
  • Take into account the time you have available and your personal goals
  • Check your progress regularly through quizzes
  • Have many tools available to help you improve your Spanish
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Our teachers use Zoom as the communication tool to:

  • give you the best experience during class
  • use the interactive drawing board
  • easily share documents and videos
  • shedule your lessons

You can run Zoom from a internet browser or download and install it on your computer.

Why learn Spanish from Peru?

In Peru the Spanish is spoken a lot slower and does not have strong accents like most Spanish speaking countries. This makes learning Spanish from a Peruvian teacher a good way of getting to understand and pronounce this beautiful language. Furthermore you are helping our teachers in these difficult times while the help from the Peruvian goverment is far too little to live from.


10 hours
$ 95 n/a
20 hours
$ 180 n/a
30 hours
$ 255 n/a


10 hours
$ 70 n/a

When are online classes available?

We offer Online Spanish classes year-round, from Monday-Friday, time depending on your time-zone and preference. Group classes start on Mondays.

How big is the group course?

Group courses are no more than 3 students per teacher maximum. In case there is no group available, we offer 7 hours of individual classes for the same price as a 10 hour group class.

Will I get a certificate for my hours?

Yes! You will get a certificate with your name and the number of hours you completed at the end of your course.

Do I need to prepare?

All study materials are provided and included. Exercises and theory will be downloaded during and after class. You can just bring a readiness to learn!

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