The best 4 places to volunteer abroad in Peru

There are many decisions to make and many places to choose from when it comes to volunteer abroad. One of the most important decisions you will have to make is where to volunteer and for how you will be doing it. No matter the country, you have to find a place and project that suits your skills, this way you will be making an impact in the project.

Peru is, indeed, one of the best places to volunteer abroad. You can help educate children in one of its cities, work in a local hospital in the Andes or help reforesting the Amazon. Peru is a very multicultural country that offers a unique experience to visitors and volunteers.

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10 tips to volunteer abroad

Volunteering abroad or in your community is a rewarding experience for you and the community/project you support. But, before you start this incredible journey, you have to make sure the organisation you will be volunteering through is a responsible one.

Every summer, hundreds of students finish high school or university, or are during summer vacations. This is the perfect time to dedicate some time to contribute and give back. This is why today we share with you ten tips to find a responsible volunteer organisation to arrange your project!

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