Peru honours the potato during “Day of the Potato”

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On 30 May, the southern Peruvian city of Cusco is entirely dedicated to the ‘papa’; the potato. With more than 3,200 different types of potatoes, Peru is the destination for potato lovers. In terms of diversity and numbers, the Peruvian potatoes are world-class. Every year, Peruvians celebrate “La Día de la Papa”: National Potato Day.

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Peruvian Culture: Discover Cusco Carnival

Have you already been in the Inca Empire’s former capital, Cusco? If you haven’t, Proyecto Peru will give you yet another reason why you should visit it and discover the Peruvian culture!

Cusco’s Carnivals

Cusco catches the eye of all world travellers and is one the first options when planning a trip to Peru. For this, and more reasons, the US website News & World Report ranked Cusco first on the best places to visit in Latin America.

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Learn Spanish in Peru: Clare’s Adventures in Cusco

This is Clare’s story living and learning Spanish in Cusco.

I started my year abroad in Peru knowing three spanish phrases, “El baño?” “no habla espanol” and “gracias”. In hindsight, I now know why nobody understood me- I was saying the first two wrong! Thanks to Google Translate and lots of guessing, I made my way through my first few days in Lima. The next three days were spent taking Peru Hop buses from Lima along the coast, finally arriving in Cusco.

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Peruvian Culture: 5 Christmas traditions in Peru

Family gatherings around the Christmas tree, celebrations, recipes for delicious meals and, of course, Christmas lights. Every year, many families around the world do all this before the arrival of Christmas. This is the season to have your tummies and hearts full, and share memories and stories with your loved ones.

Peru, thanks to its diversity, is a country that carries different traditions in every region, even for Christmas. In this country you can see how people pass on their Christmas traditions from generation to generation.

In this post, you will be able to explore Peru’s great Christmas traditions in different regions. And, if you’re in Peru, you will be able to choose what tradition to experience!

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