Life in Cusco: The best bars in town

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can prepare a cocktail. And that’s kind of the same thing.”

When googling Cusco to do your volunteer work, I’m sure you are bombarded with cute photos of llamas and alpacas (and, of course, you’re not able to tell which one is which). And you’re also bombarded with beautiful photos of Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, the Sacred Valley, Lake Humantay, and the list goes on.

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The best 4 places to volunteer abroad in Peru

There are many decisions to make and many places to choose from when it comes to volunteer abroad. One of the most important decisions you will have to make is where to volunteer and for how you will be doing it. No matter the country, you have to find a place and project that suits your skills, this way you will be making an impact in the project.

Peru is, indeed, one of the best places to volunteer abroad. You can help educate children in one of its cities, work in a local hospital in the Andes or help reforesting the Amazon. Peru is a very multicultural country that offers a unique experience to visitors and volunteers.

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10 tips to volunteer abroad

Volunteering abroad or in your community is a rewarding experience for you and the community/project you support. But, before you start this incredible journey, you have to make sure the organisation you will be volunteering through is a responsible one.

Every summer, hundreds of students finish high school or university, or are during summer vacations. This is the perfect time to dedicate some time to contribute and give back. This is why today we share with you ten tips to find a responsible volunteer organisation to arrange your project!

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Grace’s story as a medical volunteer in Cusco, Peru

Former volunteer Grace shares her experience living in Cusco as a medical volunteer.

I have always considered myself lucky for the different places I have lived and the different people I have met along the way. I was born in the hustling bustling city of Seoul, South Korea, lived among the endless green pastures of Wisconsin for a year, lived in an apartment in Toronto, Canada for three years, and finally settled with the cows and trees in a small Connecticut town called Mansfield by the grand age of nine.

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A weekend in Pacchanta: A remote town in Cusco

Sometimes, when you’re doing volunteer work, especially in Cusco, you think you might not have time for everything, but you do!

There are a lot of popular places you can visit while in Cusco, such as the Salt Mines of Maras, the Sacred Valley, Rainbown Mountain, and many more. But if you’re a volunteer that’s looking for a more real experience in a remote community, then this is the place.

Pacchanta, the last town you see before you head for the Ausangate trek (but we’re not going to talk about this trek), is a very small community located near the base of the Ausangate glacier.

If you cannot take a week from your volunteer project, then you can spend a weekend there, hike throug the seven lakes that this area has and then enjoy some hot springs.

Do you want to know how to get there? Keep reading!

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Camping in Cusco: 5 destinations that will blow you away

Are you in Cusco to do some volunteer work and are looking for a hike to do during the weekend? Then camping under the stars should definitely be on your list!

If you love adventure and nature and have some free time from your volunteer work, then camping is the perfect idea.

Cusco, home of Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, has many beautiful places to camp. There’s nothing better than enjoying the beauty of nature with friends, family, or someone special.

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The Uni Student’s Peruvian Cookbook

5 easy Peruvian means to impress your friends back home

Peru is one of the most famous and popular travel destinations on the planet, visited every year by millions of people from all over the world. Most head for the ancient ruins or the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains, but a savvy traveler will know right away that Peru’s true magic is its cuisine.

Peruvian food is incredible, and eating in Cusco will be almost enough to satisfy your entire vacation. While your friends and parents will inevitably obsess over your photos of Machu Picchu and adorable Andean toddlers, impressing them with some new recipes can be a surprising and exotic way to humblebrag about your amazing time in Peru, how much you grew as a person, and how worldly and cultured you are now.

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