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Our preferred method of payment is through TransferWise, as this is the most secure and cheapest option, using pure exchange rates and very low transfer fees. Every method has their own transfer fees which have to be included in the payment. Registering is quick and easy. To complete a payment through TransferWise:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in the deposit amount from your invoice in SOLES

Upload a copy of your passport or ID to confirm your identity

  1. Choose recipient business/charity
  2. Enter "" under the Email field
  3. Uncheck "I know their bank details"
  4. Click Confirm to send payment
  5. Because we don't always get the confirmation from Transferwise, please forward us the receipt from Transferwise which shows the amount. This way we know that the payment is yours. You can send it to

In some cases however, there's no "I know their bank details" to uncheck, and you need to fill in our address and bank details:


All prices published in USD are based on the current exchange rate in PEN (Peruvian Soles). The current exchange rate per US Dollar is: