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Are you looking to put your skills, education, and expertise to the test in a different culture? Becoming an intern would allow you to get hands-on experience in your career field while continuing to learn from professionals.

An internship is for you when:

  • You want to gain hands on experience in your career field during your studies or after graduation
  • You have specific goals or requirements to meet for your school/university program
  • You need class credit or hands-on experience while assisting a professional
  • You are looking for a long-term cultural experience
  • You are not afraid of learning or improving your Spanish

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Can I choose any internship project?

You can choose from many internship projects and community service opportunities based on your skills, Spanish level, and availability. We partner with more than 20 local, existing, and sustainable internship placements in and around Cusco. Read more about our code of conduct and behavior at Responsible Work in Peru.

How much time do I need to do my internship?

Obviously your school/university will have certain requirements for the duration of your internship and we will try to find a corresponding internship project. Depending on the project, the minimum time commitment starts at 3 weeks. You will work anywhere from a half to full day, depending on your placement. Although you will have enough time to explore this beautiful country, your internship is your main focus while in Peru. We place you with one or two of our local projects, where you are given the opportunity to continue growing in your craft.

Will there be professional guidance during my internship?

You will have a coordinator from your project or Proyecto Peru assigned to oversee and assist in your progress. We coordinate with your school/university and the project to process necessary formalities and paperwork. At the end of your internship you will have the opportunity to do a final presentation about your work. If you are interested, we provide you with a certificate of completion. By pursuing an internship through Proyecto Peru, you are qualified to receive university credit.

Is the internship for free?

When you stay at one of our accommodations or take some Spanish lessons with us, we coordinate and assist with your internship for free. Some projects might ask you for a donation which goes directly to support your internship project.

healthcare volunteering

Medical Internships

As a medical intern you will work in one of our local medical clinics or hospitals. Depending on your study goals and experience, you will be assigned to a doctor or technical nurse and follow him/her in their morning or afternoon tasks. A high level of proficiency in Spanish will give you the opportunity to work in and rotate through all areas of your clinic placement. Work in specialized fields such as Midwifery and Physiotherapy is available depending on a case-by-case basis.

youth & development

Internship in Education & Social Work

Interns looking to fill their days teaching English, leading workshops, and working together with kids, elderly people or kids, will love these programs! Depending on prior experience, interns can work in a specific area and/or rotate through the different sectors of after school programmes, the kindergarten, nursing homes or the women protection centre. Knowledge of Spanish will help you grow in your relationships with the elderly people, women and children.

Dog shelter project

Animal Care Internship

Working with a veterinary in Cusco is a very interesting way of learning skills with animals! It requires some prior skills and knowledge in the field of medical care for animals.

environmental project

Marketing & Communications, Business Internships

This package is great for Tourism & Hospitality, Marketing, and International Business students or professionals who want to gain experience in the field. Interns can work with any of the travel agencies we partner with or directly with us in our Marketing or Operations departments. You will be surrounded by an international team and learn about the Peruvian business culture.

Dedication to your internship

Interns carry more responsibility than volunteers due to the amount of hours worked and tasks given. They are encouraged to use their Spanish and take initiative in the work environment. While it does require a lot more responsibility, it also provides an opportunity to use your skills and grow as a worker.

Proyecto Peru we will make sure you can expect the following principles for your internship:

  • Proyecto Peru will carefully plan the core elements of your program
  • Proyecto Peru identifies appropriate practice based learning activities for Interns
  • Proyecto Peru provides well written position descriptions
  • Proyecto Peru takes time to carefully interview & select interns
  • Proyecto Peru will provide an orientation for the project you are going to work with
  • Proyecto Peru offers supervision over your project
  • Your coordinator or supervisor will evaluate your gained knowledge & productivity

We consider it important to be an advocate for our projects, as such, it is essential to use your skills to improve the project in every way possible. Our policies aim to reflect this. We expect all interns to adhere to the responsibilities outlined by this policy.

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