Dog Shelter
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Project Profile

Project description

The Callejeritos Dog shelter is run by a peruvian couple. They have been rescuing dogs for a very long time and nowadays take care of more than 125 dogs, cats and even a horse.

They rescue abused, mistreated and injured dogs from the street and try to save as many dogs as possible.

Unfortunately, in Peru not everyone takes care of their dogs, sometimes with and sometimes without bad intentions.

Therefore, this dog shelter also focuses on educating people about health and sterilization. They organize campaigns and try to inform the local community about how to take care of their dogs.

Dog Shelter Project


  • Taking care of the dogs
  • Giving love and attention to the dogs
  • Assist in cleaning the dog shelter
  • Assist in feeding dogs
  • Assist in educating dogs (so they can be adopted on the long-term)

Project hours

You will work from Monday to Friday, in the morning from 9am to 1pm.

(Optionally from 3pm until 6pm)

Work gear

You may get a little dirty, so bring old clothes and shoes.

Good to know

Show love to the dogs and be patient, proactive & take initiative!