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Project Profile

Wildlife Rescue Center

Project Description

The Wildlife Rescue Center is a family run private organization dedicated to rescuing animals which have suffered from mistreatment of any kind.

These rescued animals are put under the care of the rescue center by the forest rangers, a dependency of the National Police and National government.

At this project, all animals have their vaccinations. The center takes care of all types of wildlife animals with the long-term objective to liberate them again into nature.

The programs running at the center at the moment include:

  • Educational programs
  • Recovery programs for the sick and mistreated animals
  • Reproduction programs for endangered animal species
Children Project


  • Taking care of animals
  • Assist in cleaning
  • Assist in feeding animals
  • Assist in medical treatments for animals
  • Assist in building new houses
  • Provide tours to tourists (optional)

Project hours

You will work from Monday to Friday from 9am until 1pm and/ or 2pm until 5pm.

Work gear

You may get a little dirty so bring your old clothes and shoes!

Good to know

Don't be scared of animals and dirty clothes!