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We value your time and strive to match you with a meaningful and responsible experience that gives you a unique look into the Peruvian community.

When is volunteering for me?

  • You are simply looking to give your time where you are needed
  • You are looking for a community service opportunity
  • You are looking for a short or long term experience
  • You don't have any specific requirements from your school or university

Volunteering is normally shorter than doing an internship and there are less requirements.

How much time do I need to volunteer?

Being a volunteer would mean you spend a portion of your day volunteering, while also having lots of time to socialize, improve your Spanish, adventure and have fun! Normally projects are in need of people who wants to stay for a longer time so they really can be of help. The time to commit is, depending on the volunteer project, between 1 and 4 weeks minimum.

How good does my Spanish need to be?

We have projects for every level of Spanish, even beginner, although your experience will be more rewarding if you study Spanish and know more of the local language. Check the project descriptions to learn about the required level.

Is volunteering for free?

When you stay at one of our accommodations or take some Spanish lessons with us, we coordinate your volunteering for free. Most projects in Cusco might ask you for a donation which goes directly to support your volunteer project.

Can I choose any volunteer project?

You can choose from many volunteer projects and community service opportunities based on your skills, Spanish level, and availability. We partner with more than 30 local, existing and sustainable volunteer placements in and around Cusco. Read more about our code of conduct and behavior at Responsible Work in Peru.

What projects can I find in the Sacred Valley?

You can choose to stay in metropole Cusco or enjoy the quiet nature of the Sacred Valley.

  • Organic Farming
  • Medical, Midwifery
  • Horses
  • Archeology

Read more about the Sacred valley here.

youth & development

Volunteer in Education, Youth & Development, Childcare and Social Work

Whether you are looking for opportunities to teach and work in education, or to simply hang out with some cute kids in a Kindergarten, this project category is for you. Volunteers in Youth & Development serve as positive role models for the children in these programs. Tasks range from teaching (sports or English), helping with homework, and leading workshops on special topics.

healthcare volunteering

Volunteer Project in the Medical category

As a healthcare volunteer you will work in one of our local medical clinics or hospitals. Depending on your goals and/or experience, you will be assigned nurse and follow him/her in their morning or afternoon tasks. A high Spanish level will give you the opportunity to work and rotate in to all areas of your clinic placement.

environmental project

Volunteering in the field of Culture & History

Our Inca Archaeology program in Peru is perfect for anyone interested in developing their archaeological skills and seeking to learn more about Peruvian history, or for someone that wants to spend their holidays in a productive and adventurous way. No previous experience is required.

Dog shelter project

Animal Care Volunteer Projects

We work with a local dog shelter who strives to give street dogs and abandoned dogs a home, medical care, and a lot of love. Our Wildlife Rescue Center harbours all kind of wild animals and horses you find at our Ranch in the Sacred Valley.

environmental project

Environmental Volunteering

Dedicate your time to volunteering in sustainable development! Many in Cusco and its surroundings still respect and honor Pachamama, the goddess known as Mother Nature to the Inca peoples. Our environmental project allows you to connect with Pachamama in the beautiful Sacred Valley or in Cusco. Here volunteers can participate in organic farming and harvesting, supporting local farmers.

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