2020: a year full of surprises!

If there is one thing we can all agree on, then it is that 2020 has been a year full of surprises. The COVID pandemic has put countries worldwide in a lockdown. We all had to adapt to social restrictions, lockdown and other limitations. This has been no exception for Proyecto Peru, the long lockdown has started to take his toll and therefore we started a fundraising to help us get through the lockdown. https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-local-projects-in-peru?

As it has been a challenging year for most of us, it is time to stay focused on the positive! Because besides our continues support to local projects and communities, Proyecto Peru has provided hundreds of students with meaningful and learning experiences in the past 15 years! And we definitely want to continue helping them discover, immerse, experience and grow in the following years. Therefore, Proyecto Peru gathered some of our previous student’s stories of Peru. You can participate and share your story of how you discovered, immersed, experienced and grew in Peru on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #DiscoverImmerseExperienceandGrow

How Cierra discovered, immersed, experienced and grew in Peru

‘my time in Cusco was absolutely amazing and I owe a lot of my great experiences to Proyecto Peru. They helped me meet friends while i was in Peru and gave me the best professor in the world to teach me Spanish.

The organized activities were important to me and helped me immerse into the Peruvian culture while making local friends.

Some of my best memories are from the salsa and bachata classes in ‘mama africa,’ we ended up dancing there several times a week!

On top of all, we had the most caring and happy family and I am grateful that I spend 3 months with them. My experience had taught me a lot about the diversity of life´

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How Lasse discovered, immersed, experienced and grew in Peru

From the moment I took my first steps on Peruvian ground I felt that something huge was going on. I’m not talking about something big for the general public; I’m talking about something that happened inside me. That feeling expanded over the course of the next four months when I got to know a lot of amazing people from Cusco in general and from Proyecto Peru specifically. With their support and outgoing mentality I had the foundation for an adventurous time in this beautiful country. 

They provided me with a secure base which meant I had all the energy to discover and grow as a person, and they functioned as a central point of social gatherings which made me immerse myself into Peruvian culture and experience some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. Proyecto Peru made an immense impact on a journey that would already have been unforgettable. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the lovely people at Proyecto Peru if you want a fantastic experience!

How Emil discovered, immersed, experienced and grew in Peru

The time I spent in Cusco volunteering with projects was awesome. I felt I made a difference, and working with Proyecto Peru was completely awesome in becoming who I am today. Peru became a home, and Proyecto Peru played a big part in that, while making sure you have a good time they worked on improving the community which led to a total peace of mind. So make a difference by working with proyecto Peru. You won’t regret it!

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Usually, Christmas is a special and busy time at Proyecto Peru! In previous years, Proyecto Peru donates chocolates and gifts to our afterschool’s, kindergarten and childcare projects. The month December we are busy wrapping and distributing gifts, chocolate and visiting projects. Unfortunately, this was not possible this year due to Covid. Luckily, Proyecto Peru has been able to donate some small gifts to the local project coordinators. Once the childcare projects open again (expected to open in March), the gifts will be distributed!

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This year, Proyecto Peru primarily donated some books, school materials, candies, toys and some clothes to the childcare projects. Another small donation of dog toys and food was made to our dog shelter and a bag full of clothes and shoes was donated to the woman protection centre.

The Proyecto Peru team stays positive and we cannot wait to welcome students again to Cusco! In the meanwhile, any help to get us through the lockdown is much appreciated, you can donate at:


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