Life in Cusco: the best lunch spots in Cusco

lunch restaurants cusco

Curious as to where you should have lunch in Cusco? There are a lot of nice and cheap restaurants in Cusco to enjoy a delicious lunch. For around 20 soles, you will enjoy a complete plate or even a menu. I mean you are also visiting Peru because it has such a rich gastronomy right? Get to know our favourite restaurants in Cusco and enjoy a tasty lunch.

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Peruvian Cinema: 5 Movies about Peru

Peru is such a large and diverse country that to get to know it all you would have to take at least a year travelling and venturing into the unknown. Luckily, there is cinema, a good support to get an understanding. If you are seriously thinking of starting to pack your backpack, check this list of movies about Peru to familiarize yourself with what’s coming. And if you know you won’t have the time to come here and see for yourself, then travel through these movies about Peru.

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Treat yourself with these typical Peruvian dishes


In the last 10 years, Peru has been recognized as one of the world’s best culinary destinations. Aka, Peruvian food is one of the best. There are so many typical dishes you can try when you are in Peru. The country’s gastronomic boom owes a great deal to its biodiversity and its multicultural heritage. In this article, we give you some of the reasons why there’s no better place in the world to visit as a foodie.

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Boleto Turístico Cusco: What is it and what can you do with it?

Are you excited about going to Peru and starting to think about what you want to do when you arrive in Cusco? There are so many nice spots to visit and capture with your camera. On the internet you probably already found information about Machu Picchu with cloudless photos. But there are so many more things to do. So where do you start?

When you are travelling to Peru and preparing your trips, you must have seen the “Boleto Turístico” at some point of your search. Doesn’t ring a bell? Keep reading and we will explain you all you need to know about the “Boleto Turístico”. 😀 

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50 Curiosities about Peru you probably didn’t know

I mean what exactly is it you know about Peru? Alpacas, llamas, Machu Picchu and good food, that’s what everyone will say. But Peru is so much more than that. Peru is full of nature, interesting sites, has a rich history and much more. Apart from those reasons, the warm and welcoming culture is something else, especially for people who come visiting from far. If you are curious about coming here, get to know these 50 curiosities about Peru we selected for you!

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Peruvian Culture: Discover Cusco Carnival

Have you already been in the Inca Empire’s former capital, Cusco? If you haven’t, Proyecto Peru will give you yet another reason why you should visit it and discover the Peruvian culture!

Cusco’s Carnivals

Cusco catches the eye of all world travellers and is one the first options when planning a trip to Peru. For this, and more reasons, the US website News & World Report ranked Cusco first on the best places to visit in Latin America.

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Peruvian Culture: 5 Christmas traditions in Peru

Family gatherings around the Christmas tree, celebrations, recipes for delicious meals and, of course, Christmas lights. Every year, many families around the world do all this before the arrival of Christmas. This is the season to have your tummies and hearts full, and share memories and stories with your loved ones.

Peru, thanks to its diversity, is a country that carries different traditions in every region, even for Christmas. In this country you can see how people pass on their Christmas traditions from generation to generation.

In this post, you will be able to explore Peru’s great Christmas traditions in different regions. And, if you’re in Peru, you will be able to choose what tradition to experience!

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