The history of the Day of the Flag in Peru

Each year on the 7th on June, Peru celebrates la Día de la Bandera: Day of the Flag. It is a day of national pride full of festivities such as parades and various ceremonies. The day dates back to the Peruvian resistance to the Chilean invasion in 1880 at the Morro de Arica; a mountain located in Southern-Peru. Interested in getting to know more about this national festivity? Keep reading!

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50 Curiosities about Peru you probably didn’t know

I mean what exactly is it you know about Peru? Alpacas, llamas, Machu Picchu and good food, that’s what everyone will say. But Peru is so much more than that. Peru is full of nature, interesting sites, has a rich history and much more. Apart from those reasons, the warm and welcoming culture is something else, especially for people who come visiting from far. If you are curious about coming here, get to know these 50 curiosities about Peru we selected for you!

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Peruvian History: Qoyllur Riti, a religious festival like no other

Peru is a very religious country, especially if you visit the highlands. In Cusco, the heart of the Inca Empire, the Qoyllur Riti has a special place in the locals’ hearts. A mix of Andean mysticism and Western religiosity. This festival gathers more than 10 000 people every year in May or June.

This is a festival you can witness if you travel to Cusco during these months. So discover all the wonders the Qoyllur Riti has to offer!

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Peruvian History: Tahuantinsuyo, the Inca Empire

As a responsible volunteer looking for opportunities in Peru, it is important to know some of the country’s history. So, when you look up information about Peruvian history on the internet, a lot of time you see the word Tahuantinsuyo or Tawantinsuyo, a term you might have never heard. What exactly is Tahuantinsuyo? How did it start? How big was it?

The first thing you need to know is that when saying Tahuantinsuyo, we are talking about the Inca Empire. If you want to know more about this vast empire, keep reading!

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