Discover Peru: What to bring to Cusco?

As you’re getting reading for your trip to Peru, it might be time to pack your suitcase, which always causes headaches. When you are preparing for an adventurous trip, you mostly think about clothing or gear. Then other problems arise: “This is waaaay too much!”, “Is this even enough?”, “What do I wear if I go hiking?“. This is why Proyecto Peru shares this checklist: what to bring to Peru with you to avoid transforming in either one of these two types:

  1. Travellers who have brought everything except their house.
  2. Travellers who didn’t even bring a toothbrush.

The following checklist will help you prepare for your upcoming trip to Cusco. Above all, you should bring the things that you find important. You know what’s best for you. Some things on our checklist might not be so essential to some people. It is always important that your backpack is not too heavy. For a hiking trip it should not weigh more than 15 kg, but that also depends on your own height and weight.

We have created this Essentials Checklist: what to bring to Cusco, especially for you so you will not have to worry about forgetting anything. Are you seeing some things on our list that you find odd? Don’t worry, we’ll explain them to you later. 😉

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When travelling to the Andes, you have to realise you are going to be above 3000 meters. So when the sun shines, it SHINES. A hat or cap and sunglasses are your best friends during the dry months in Cusco. As it might also be colder during these months, we would recommend you to bring a scarf and gloves. Or you could also buy a colourful alpaca scarf in one of the many souvenir shops.

The rainy season in Cusco runs from December until April and the average annual rainfall can vary from 600 to 1000 mm. Although the rains generally take place in the afternoon, it is important to always take an umbrella and raincoat when you go outside.


As said before, it can be quite warm if the sun is out. That’s why it is important to always bring clothes that you can layer. This way, you can always take something off when it gets warm, or put something on when it gets chilly. It is also recommended to bring athletic clothes that breathe, so you won’t get cold through transpiration.

During the night, the temperature might drop to 0 °C in the dry season . So be sure to bring warm clothes when going outside. It would be a shame if you had to spend all your time in Cusco under the covers.


Did you know that you can find one of Earth’s highest UV levels occur in Cusco? We know the Incas liked the Sun, but this… You’ll be happy you brought factor 50!

Another essential when you are going on a hiking trip are band-aids. Since you will be walking a lot, it’s better to avoid blisters!

Most of the toiletries mentioned on a list you can easily buy in a pharmacy like Inkafarma or MiFarma. Each major city has at least one pharmacy. However, if you take any special medicine, it’s best bring them from home.


The overall skincare essential is MOISTURISER. Since the air is really thin, your skin easily dries out. Whether it is your hands, legs, face or lips, keep them hydrated!

It is important to mention, the hygiene in Peru is probably not what you’re used to at home. Since the water sometimes is shut down some hours during the day. It is important to keep your hands clean with hand sanitizer, spray or gel.


In the Cusco region, there a lot of beautiful spots to discover. The most economic way to do this is by foot. There are a lot of adventurous treks like the Inca trail, Rainbow Mountain, the Salkantay trek, and a lot more.

Since these hikes are quite long, you need good walking shoes and quality socks in order to avoid blisters or sore feet in general. It might also be nice to have some athletic sandals so your feet can breathe a little after a long walk.

Tech gear

There are so many beautiful spots in Cusco. You need to capture them. (and bring extra memory cards!) 📸

And how cool would it be to count your steps after you walked a track for 4 days. With most smartwatch devices you have the chance to upload your journey on Social Media. So you can make your friends jealous or proud, which ever has your preference.

During travels

Since you might have to be in long flights or bus rides, it would be nice if you can enjoy them as well. Bring a good book and earphones so you won’t be bored.

If you are going hiking in the rainy season, you should bring a plastic bag to cover your belongings to avoid them from being damaged or broken.

Additional note: in some places in Peru, toilet paper does not exist. So be sure to always bring a roll just in case.

But most important…

This checklist only states the essentials. What’s most important is that you feel comfortable. So you want to bring your teddy bear? Why not. You might not know it yet, but this might be the most valuable experience in your life. So let’s make the best of it and be sure to make yourself comfortable.

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